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About Us

Maints Broadband came about due to the lack of any Broadband provider via ADSL technology in the Fedamore, Meanus and surrounding areas. All our team have an extensive backround in the Telecommunications business, working right through all forms of Wireless Technologies, Satellite, MMDS and RF fields.

Meet Our Team

Paul Humphreys - Managing Director. MTCNA Certified

GreenGuy Steven Hanley - Installer, Internet Co-Ordinator. MTCNA Certified

GreenGuy Ian Bolger - Installer.


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Low cost support to residential customers and business customers.


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We are continuosly striving to enhance our network and range of services and are rolling                          out to new locations on a                      regular basis.


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To provide lost cost broadband solutions to rural areas for both residential and business                      customers.