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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get connected?
Simply contact us by phone, email or by clicking the signup button on the side panel and we will check coverage. Generally we will call to your property and do a signal test first and if this is good, then an arrangement can be made to do the installation.

How much does it cost to get installed?
An installation fee of €99 is applicable on completion of installation. This fee includes a free wireless router.

What is the monthly charge?
Prices start at €25.00 inc vat.

How do I pay the monthly fee?
You will be required to complete a direct debit mandate and this will allow your bank to pay Maints Broadband every month. We will debit your account on the 3rd of every month.

Do you have a referral Scheme?
Yes.If you refer a friend and we complete the installation of your friend, then you will receive one free month.

What happens if I miss a payment?
If you miss a payment for whatever reason, you will be notified. We will resubmit the request after 10 days and if this also fails, you will be again notified and your account will be suspended until your account is settled in full.

What hardware is installed in my house / business?
A small antenna is installed at chimney level approx and a cable is brought into the room where the computer is located. The cable is attached to the wireless router.

Who owns the equipment?
The equipment installed by Maints Broadband remains the property of Maints Broadband for the duration of your contract and must be returned within seven days on termination of your contract.

How long does it take to do an installation?
It will take approx 3-5 working days to get installed. The actual installation should take no more than 1-2 hours to complete.

Does it matter what operating system we have?
We support all Operating Systems.

Windows Compatible
Apple OS X Compatible
Linux Compatible
Apple OS X

What are the requirements?
We require that you have permission to install an antenna at your premises. If you have a desktop PC, you will also need to have an ethernet port or card in your computer. Please make sure your computer meets these requirements before ordering.

Can I have a connection in more than one room?
We only install to one of your choice however the included wireless router will give coverage to wireless enabled devices such as a laptop anywhere in your home.

I already have a wireless router can I use that?
If you already have a wireless router, we will hapily install and setup for you, during installation of Maints Broadband at no extra charge, if you require us to install a wireless router at a later stage there will be a small callout charge to cover costs.

How long is the contract?
We require a minimum contract of 12 months. In the event that you cancel the contract before the 12 months, you will be liable for the remaining months left on your contract.

I Cannot Send Emails. What Settings Do I Need?
If you are having difficulties sending emails, you will have to change your outgoing (SMTP) mail server address to smtp2.maintsbb.com

What is the contention ratio?
The contention ratio is 24-1 for home users and 10-1 for business users however we can customise a package for you.

Can I access my work network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
Yes, we support all types of VPN clients.

Can I get a public IP address?
All business customers get one public address as standard. Extra addresses are available at a cost of €50 per address per year.

Can I use file sharing programs?
Yes, you can use file sharing and P2P software but all connections are logged and retained for future reference. The use of P2P and file sharing is subject to our Aup.

What Factors Can Affect The Speed Of The Internet?
No matter how fast your connection to the Internet, speeds on the Internet itself can affect download performance. Other factors that govern an Internet download speed include:

The performance of the server hosting the requested website
The bandwidth of the connection between the website's server and the Internet
Internet traffic patterns
Router latency
Backbone usage
Type of file transfer (FTP file transfers download faster at higher speeds than HTML web pages.)
Time of day (Certain times of day tend to have higher Internet traffic than others.)
Your PC

Extreme weather can cause signal levels to fade.


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Low cost support to residential customers and business customers.


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We are continuosly striving to enhance our network and range of services and are rolling                          out to new locations on a                      regular basis.


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To provide lost cost broadband solutions to rural areas for both residential and business                      customers.